Understanding cosmetic labels has never been easier!


Scan away!


Emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizers, color pigments, fragrances, these are only a handful of chemicals that could be in your cosmetic products. We are bombarded with an endless list of information. Product labels filled with numbers and letters that seem to come straight out of a game of naval battle.


Next to those cryptic chemicals we often see words such as; "organic", "all-natural", pop-up everywhere we look. We call this phenomenon, greenwashing. The idea that when producers put specific words on their labels, consumers will believe those products are safe, healthy, and/or eco-friendly. With one article saying one thing, another one saying something else. It is often disturbing for consumers to know who and what to believe? And rightly so!

This is where the scanning apps come into the picture. Everybody has a smartphone nowadays. And the last few years we have seen apps who scan product components grow like weeds. These apps will help you scan every product and determine based on the list of “ingredients” if it’s safe to use. We have listed for you a few easy and free apps to use on Android as well as iOs. They can help you figure out if the products are what they claim to be on the package. Does putting the word “100 % natural” on your product mean that it’s 100% natural? What ingredients are good for your skin? And why? So many questions that can be answered within a few minutes, thanks to these apps.

And it will just take you a hand swing with your phone to find out.

Different app’s


  • INCI Beauty


    Analyzing components has never been easier. The only thing to do is scan your product and a list of the components will appear to help you out. Based on a color code, the app will sort each product’s health and environmental risk. If the product is not yet registered you can send a picture directly in the app and it will be analyzed. Within days the product will be added to the ones who are already available to you. The objective is making the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient) clearer and available for everyone to understand.

    An added value, you don’t need to have the product nearby to find it on INCI Beauty. The app features a search area where you can easily find the safety of the products using its name.

    The products will be marked out of 20.

    • YUKA

      Everybody knows Yuka. You know, the app where you can scan your food groceries and see if its good or bad for your body. Well in 2018 they added cosmetic products to their expertise. It is the same principle, take a picture of the bar code and it will find the product and rank it from green to red. The app is easy and clear to use, from children to adults. Green is for good and safe products. Products with zero risk for your health. If you get a red mark your product can be either carcinogenic or it contains endocrine disruptors. A detailed list will help you understand the ranking of the product and which component made it rank so bad.

      The extra? You only need to download one app for your food as well as your cosmetic products.

      The products will be marked out of 100.


      • Clean Beauty

      A little different than the other apps with clean beauty you take a picture of the ingredients instead of the bar code. From shampoo to shower gel or deodorant, clean beauty will recognize all the ingredients and determine if it’s bad for your health. It will look at the controversial components but also at allergens. Clean beauty doesn’t want to do things like the other app. It won’t give you a ranking of your product but rather an explanation and documentation on the components of your product.

      We love the detailed list it shows us with each product. Which explains why an ingredient is being used in the cosmetics industry and why it is dangerous. All based on science.

      The downside, for those of us who can’t speak or understand English, the explanation is only in English.
      Free download on iOs and Android.


      • CosmEthics


      With CosmEthics using the app is simple, you just need to take any cosmetic product in your apartment and scan ahead. With its simple colors, understanding the ingredients has never been simpler. Green is good and a red exclamation point is to alarm you of the products. The app will give you a detailed list of the ingredients of your product. For the good ones, it will redirect you to Wikipedia with a view of its chemical components. For the red ingredients, the app will give you why the component was marked dangerous for your health and give you additional information. With each red marked product, the app will give you a list of the components banned from the European Union.

      The plus side? This app is very useful for the vegans among us or the ones with allergies.

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