Jossephee Amazigh Culture Ambassador


As we have already explained in "our values" we want to be a committed and ethical platform. It also means redistribution fair as possible.


In this context, we decided to work with a local photographer from the Taghazout / Agadir region.


So today we present to you Youssef alias "jossephee".
An artist who plays with light to capture the beautiful. With a definitely classy and old school style, he takes us on a journey into his very particular universe. Youssef is a famous character and that's what we love about him.


jossephee mona and noor



We discovered his work quite simply via instagram by following the hashtag #Taghazout. We were immediately dazzled by his shots. Even before arriving in Morocco, he managed to make us travel.


Model and photographer of his own shots, he tries to highlight the beauty of the Berber heritage that we call "Amazigh" through his shots.


We were struck by the atmospheres, the lights, the landscapes where time seems to stand still. He manages to make us feel emotions and sensations through his photos. 


This is exactly what we wanted to show in our visual content. Make you feel the emotions and the Moroccan terroir from which our products come.


Needless to say, the pictures say more than the words.
Check out some of our favorite photos and don't hesitate to follow him on Instagram.

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