Slow cosmetics, healthy skin takes time


Everything is brisk

We live in a connected world, where technology is pushing us to a new and faster era. It certainly makes our life easier. Did you ever have a long day at work, where everything and everyone seemed to be against you? You come home, exhausted, not wanting to do anything. Except for sitting on your sofa and watch a movie? No way, you still need to make dinner. Here is where technology comes into the picture. Ordering food has never been so fast and easy. You are one click away from having your favourite food being delivered. We are used to having everything as quickly as possible. But fast and easy is not always good for you!

What does it has to do with cosmetics? We live our lives 100 miles an hour and forget to take some time for ourselves. Our skin deserves our full and unconditional attention. It deserves us to feed it with the right products. Cosmetics, after all, are our skin's food.

Every added chemical can cause;
- Irritation
- Allergic reaction
- Redness
- Unsmooth skin
- Unhealthy skin

With slow cosmetics, every ingredient is 100% natural, eco-friendly and allows your skin to go back to simple things it needs.

Mona and Noor Slow cosmetics 

Slow cosmetics?

Did you know that stress and exhaustion can be seen on your skin? That is where the slow cosmetic movement comes in. A revolution in cosmetics which, at Mona& Noor, we fully believe in.

What makes it so unique from other cosmetics? Slow cosmetic products, is not just focussing on the production- and consumption process. It goes way beyond those two elements. Slow cosmetics is a large spectrum that makes us think about what we use and how we use it. Making sure we only use what mother earth has to offer, nothing more, nothing less. We can’t take what nature doesn’t want to give us! Slow cosmetics is centered around three core elements; nature, ecology, and going back to the basics.

“Less is more!”

 Mona and Noor Slow cosmetics


Morocco’s treasures

Every country has its natural yet hidden secrets and treasures. And Morocco is certainly no exception to it. From its rough and cold mountains to its soft and dry dessert. Every part of Morocco has something to offer. Slow cosmetics is easy when you have a country full of natural resources. Slow cosmetics is making sure you consume products naturally and ecologically while going back to the core of the product.

All brands sold at Mona & Noor are in line with the three core elements;
- Nature
- Ecology
- Simple

We make sure to use brands that use 100% natural ingredients, with zero added chemicals. Making sure the list of ingredients stays as short as possible. Using the best of what nature has to offer, nothing more.

We cannot promote nature without thinking of the environmental impact our products have. Besides making sure our products sold are eco-friendly. It is also important to think about the footprint the production leaves. That is why at Mona & Noor we want to be as close as possible of our local Moroccan producers.

“The closer, the better”

Going back to a simple but healthy way of using cosmetics is a core element of slow cosmetics. All our products are simple yet effective to make your skin shine. From 100% natural Argan oil with zero chemicals added. Because it shines on its own. To pure Rhassoul, extracted directly from Moroccan rocks which contains a lot of minerals. It will detoxify and purify your skin as well as your hair. Mona & Noor might just have what you need!

“Don’t forget to take your time.”

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