Mona & Noor. Where it all began.


Distance is sometimes the only way to find peace. Inner Peace. And that's what we badly needed at the end of 2018.


We were like many in Belgium in our little apartment, locked in this "rat race" which no longer gave meaning to our life.


Did we come here to be mere witnesses of our own lives and no longer actors in them? We needed color, a return to nature, to find the simplicity of life and the passage of time. To rediscover the taste for emotions and sensations and to create memories for life. To simply live.


We had to change course. We are Nisrine & Julien.


A few months after this awareness, we arrived in Morocco. More precisely in Taghazout. Small village of fishermen, surfers and yoga. The complete opposite of our urban and gray life in downtown Brussels.


mona and noor taghazout
Breathtaking landscapes, soft sunshine and the call of the ocean. The perfect place to rediscover ourselves. 


And discoveries, we made a lot:
• Nature in its purest state
• Hiker in the mountain
• Understanding the ocean through surfing
• Taming time and our body with Yoga
• Help without waiting in return by volunteering with the animals.

We learned more about life, nature, and ourselves in a few months there than in decades of living "in the system." An interior revolution had started.

Rediscover the simplicity of living. Take time. Take your time without wasting it.

We were able to discover all the traditions of the Moroccan soil. Traditional cuisine, local crafts, Moroccan art of living but above all oriental beauty treatments.

Awareness. In search of meaning.

The products of the earth transformed by ancestral know-how bring us exceptional results. These people, whom we often tend to look down on in our status self-proclaimed "superior" of Westerners, had they already understood everything?



We decide to change our consumption pattern and to use whatever nature put at our disposal. An idea seed had been planted in our brains and it would not stop sprouting.

At the base of each project is born an idea and values. This is the foundation of any project. This seemed obvious to us. Offer these natural, ethical, eco-responsible products to as many people as possible.

The Mona & Noor adventure was born.

Allow the whole world to have access to these brands of natural cosmetics and allow local producers to shine around the world.

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