Nectarome face mask with honey - 250g
The honey face mask Nectarome Neroli is the essential oil produced from the blossom of bigarade orange which is also called "bitter orange". This is what gives this characteristic scent and oriental flavors to the product.Honey has been used for millennia...
€35.00 €17.50
Nectarome Lavender Cleansing Milk - 200ml
Lavender cleansing milk Nectarome   This lavender cleansing milk Nectarome with the sweet scent of lavender and pelargonium cleanses the skin gently and deeply. Thanks to the argan oil present in the mixture, your skin will also be soothed and hydrated. This...
€16.00 €8.00
Sold Out
Nectarome rose water - 50ml
Discover rose water Nectarome. Rose water is made from the distillation of rose petals. It helps to tighten the pores of the skin and gives a fresh complexion. This floral water allowsto hydrate and soften the skin on a daily...
€12.00 €6.00
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