Nectarome anti-aging face serum with prickly pear, argan & neroli
Anti-aging face serum Nectarome This exceptional oil is composed ofprickly pear seed oil, ofcosmetic argan and bitter orange essential oil (neroli). The three natural miracle products of the Moroccan soil in one and the same bottle! It therefore combines all the...
Nectarome seaweed face mask - 100g
  Face mask with seaweed Nectarome   This revitalizing seaweed face mask is composed exclusively of algae: Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) and Laminaria (Laminaria digitata). It is extremely rich in mineral salts and vitamin E which helps to soften and regenerate the...
Nectarome orange blossom water - 50ml
Orange blossom water Nectarome This floral water with a sweet scent of orange blossom soothes and calms the skin. This is obtained using the hydro-distillation of the flowers of the sour orange tree. It has refreshing and regenerating properties, it...
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