Joodoor rose water
Joodoor rose water    The original rose water is extracted from the Dades Valley in Morocco. With its Damask Roses, a subtle scent that gives your skin a breath of fresh air while easing all tensions on your skin. The...
Joodoor argan Oil
Joodoor Argan Oil    Jodoor’s Argan oil nourishes and protects your skin. As it is known for its natural wealth and concentration of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Your perfect ally against wrinkles and skin aging. It gives your...
from €21.00
Joodoor prickly pear seed oil
Joodoor Prickly Pear Seed Oil    This rare oil can only be extracted from the seed of Opuntia ficus indica by cold-pressing. A long process that guarantees the rarity and purity of the oil. It has been used for centuries...
Joodoor Rhassoul
Joodoor Rhassoul    Rhassoul has been a Moroccan heritage for centuries. It is extracted from Moroccan rocks and contains a lot of minerals. Known for its detoxifying and purifying benefits for your skin. But in Morocco Rhassoul is also used...
Joodoor beldi soap
Joodoor beldi soap    One of Morocco’s most ancient rituals is the use of Beldi Soap. A natural and authentic ritual to purify and relax your skin. Its filled with vitamins which brings a tiring and disturbing skin back to...
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