Zina Cosmetik solid shampoo for normal hair
Solid shampoo for normal hair Zina Cosmetik   This Moroccan clay shampoo (ghassoul) contains olive oil and is perfect for daily use. Containing no essential oil, it is suitable for the whole family as well as pregnant women.  Zina Cosmetik...
Zina Cosmetik ultra-mild soap bar for sensitive skin
Ultra-gentle soap for sensitive skin Zina Cosmetik This soap is just perfect for all atopic skin. It is soft is also ideal for children and babies. Ultra rich (8%) thanks to the presence of olive oil, shea butter and avocado...
Zina Cosmetik solid shampoo for oily hair
Solid shampoo for oily hair Zina Cosmetik . This solid shampoo based on Moroccan clay (ghassoul) contains stinging nettle extract as well as marshmallow root, which restores lightness and shine to the hair. The presence of ghassoul helps regulate excess sebum...
Zina Cosmetik La Casablancaise anti-wrinkle soap bar
La Casablancaise anti-wrinkle soap Zina Cosmetik This natural soap has been specially designed for dull and wrinkled skin. It will give your skin radiance and youth thanks to its natural ingredients. The hibiscus powder that makes up this soap contains...
Zina Cosmetik solid shampoo for dry hair
Solid shampoo for dry hair Zina Cosmetik . This shampoo based on Moroccan clay (ghassoul) contains olive oil as well as coconut oil for soft and silky hair.  TheZina Cosmetik solid shampoo for dry hair is 100% biodegradable and handmade with 100%...
Zina Cosmetik Luisa detox soap bar
 Luisa detox soap Zina Cosmetik Perfect for deep cleansing the skin, it is also the ultimate anti-imperfection . The activated charcoal present in this soap is able to absorb dirt, pollutants and excess sebum present on your skin.  This soap...
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