Our philosophy? Offer the best Moroccan brands of natural cosmetics. Mona & Noor was born from the desire to consume differently, making Morocco's ancestral beauty secrets accessible to as many people as possible.


The wake up call

It all started with our move to Morocco from Europe, the ideal opportunity to carry out a gigantic sorting in the cupboards of our bathroom. Dozens of products discarded later, we became aware of the incredible waste of all these plastic packaging  which would end up at the bottom of our oceans and especially on the beautiful beaches which we would soon be enjoying.

Used to consuming without thinking, falling for the latest miracle product without worrying about the consequences, we realized that it was time to rethink our vision of beauty. Our desires were clear: natural cosmetics, with simple formulas, in sustainable packaging.



The great wealth of Moroccan heritage

In love with Morocco since always, our arrival on site allowed us to rediscover Moroccan beauty traditions, based on simple, quality natural ingredients. Argan oil, prickly pear, rose water, orange blossom, rhassoul, black soap ... as many authentic ingredients whose benefits are well established.

However, having access to these ingredients outside of Morocco is often akin to real obstacle course : diluted formulas, low quality products, unapproved tests, or even excessive prices.


The birth of Mona & Noor

This is how we came up with the idea to launch our own platform specializing in natural Moroccan beauty products. Our objective ? Promote authentic and ethical Moroccan cosmetic brands, in order to allow consumers to benefit from the country's ancestral beauty know-how with confidence.

Preserving the Moroccan heritage is essential in our eyes, which is why we only work directly with local brands producing locally in Morocco, without resellers or external intermediaries.


Mona & Noor, who are they?

• Mona is the archetype of the Western working woman.

Sophisticated, she spends lavishly on taking care of herself and offers herself cosmetics from major brands whenever she feels like it (preferably duty free, it would be a shame to pay taxes). Mona loves lazing on the white sandy beaches, but that doesn't mean she is concerned about the environment.

She opts for coral-friendly sunscreen, does her shopping with a canvas tote bag, likes Greta Thunberg's interventions, and gives WWF € 50 each year in the hope of clearing up her conscience. In short, Mona is constantly torn between her desires as a Western consumer, and the desire to do more for the planet.


• Whole and close to nature, Noor rejects this consumerist system which no longer corresponds to her.

Animal lover, she volunteers at an animal shelter, doesn't have a television, and is never happier than around a campfire on the beach, surrounded by her musician friends.

A fan of surfing and yoga, she also enjoys taking care of herself, as long as her products are natural, non-polluting, and support causes that are dear to her. However, this does not make her a lesson-giver: having been a "Mona" for a long time, she is perfectly aware that everyone walks at their own pace.

Our mission ? Make all the “Monas” want to become a little more “Noor”… step by step.


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